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John Dee Bright College

In Fall 2020, Drake announced the creation of John Dee Bright College. Named after John Dee Bright, ED’52, the acclaimed Drake football player and educator, Bright College offers two full-time, two-year associate's degrees. This distinctive learning experience focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, preparing students to thrive in the real world.

Bright College serves qualified learners who may otherwise face significant barriers to attending Drake, whether financial, cultural, or work and family related.  Your support during All In helps us remove those barriers, increasing access to Bright College's unique and innovative learning environment for everyone.

Matching Gift Opportunity

All gifts up to $5,000 to Drake’s newest college during All In will be matched through the generosity of Ernest Newborn, LA’79. Bright College will expand access to a Drake experience to those who may not have seen it as an option with a curriculum uniquely tailored to meet the educational needs of a diverse array of students. Your support now will help us welcome the first class in Fall 2021.  

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1,250 donors helped Drake University Meet The Moment and unlocked $65,000 for the University from Doug Zinser, AS’96, John August, JO’92, and Cindy, LA’70 and Dennis Lesher! Thank you!
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Bright College Challenge
Thank you for going All In for Bright College, Drake's newest College and helping unlock the $5,000 challenge from Ernest Newborn, LA'79!
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Parents Challenge
Thank you for going All In for Drake students and helping unlock the $2,500 match from Jill, JO’91 and John, AS’92 Farmer!
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Students, thank you for going All In for each other and helping unlock the $3,000 match from Kelly Caldbeck, PH’01, Peter Caldbeck, JO’03, and Megan Caldbeck, JO’05, in honor of their mother, longtime Drake employee and alumna Diane Anagnos Caldbeck, ED’72!
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